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Quickbooks tip of the day

Our "Quick" Tip of the day:
Use Cntl "I" to quickly build an invoice


Set up vendors to receive Form 1099-MISC:

  1. Go to  Vendors > Vendor Center.
  2. From the list of vendors on the left, right mouse click on a vendor's name and then click Edit to open the Edit Vendor window.
  3. Click the Address Info tab and validate the data.
    • Make sure the Address field contains the appropriate two-letter state abbreviation and the correct postal code.
    • If the vendor is a person, the vendor's legal name should appear in the First Name, M.I., and Last Name fields.
    • If you know the company name but not the person's name, leave the Company Name field blank to prevent double names from appearing on the 1099-MISC form.
  4. Click the Additional Info tab.
  5. Select the Vendor eligible for 1099 checkbox, and enter the vendor's tax identification number in the Tax ID field. Click OK.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each 1099-eligible vendor.

Update as os 12-17-11

Please be sure all of your QB updates are current. Alginment issues seem to be occuring if you are not up to date.

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