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Creidt Card processing the easy way

Oct 21

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10/21/2012 9:46 AM  RssIcon

Quickbooks Credit / Debit card processing make simple.


Credit card processing is now a necessity for most company and not just on a business' wish list.

Many years ago is was difficult to have and set up a credit card processing  at your office or web-site.
Now a days that process is done in about 10 minutes. Not many stores even take checks anymore with
with online bill pay options they don't really have to. 

More than 3/4 of all stores accept both debit and credit card processing. With Intuit bill pay option and Quickbooks it is a snap
to begin taking "plastic" . Even your cell phone or mobile device can become a cash register and start taking payment with an accessory add on to swipe the card.

With both Quickbooks online and desktop versions, taking credit card payments is easy and more secure than ever before. After a quick sign up, you are up and running in no time. Last, if you have a web store, certainly debit and credit processing is as important as your internet connection.

Certainly, there is a few internal things you must consider with your chart of accounts when you accept plastic. But overall the process has been streamlined and user friendly then ever before.

There are many banks and providers of processing, which one do you use?

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