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Setting up a sales tax Item is easy

May 5

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5/5/2013 4:11 PM  RssIcon

People always fear anything with sales tax. But setting up a sales tax item is easy.

Follow these simple steps for the versions Pro, Premier and Enterprise?

 1) From the menu bar select Lists, Item List.

2. In the Item drop-down list, select New to open the New Item dialog box.

3. In the Type drop-down list, select Sales Tax Item as shown here

4. Enter a sales tax name for the sales tax item; the name should identify the applicable jurisdiction. I.E. (Wisc. Dept Of Revenue)
5. Enter a Description you want printed on the customer’s invoice.

6. In the Tax Rate (%) box, enter the rate the taxing authority charges. Rememeber 5.6 % would just be 5.6

7. In the Tax Agency (vendor you collect for) drop-down list, select the vendor to which you remit your sales tax payments. If your vendor is not set up in QuickBooks, select Add New at the top of the list to create a sales tax vendor record.

8. Click OK to save the sales tax item

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